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Opinion Piece: School Uniform

Posted by Savannah, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

Clothing has its history in many places but what about school?

To be honest I think the school codes are a bit boring, and I’m not saying “Glitter! Diamonds! Jewels! No, I’m saying colours like baby blue and white, soft pink and white, light purple and white, pretty much pastels with white. Don’t be boring like black and blue or red and black. This isn’t a funeral! Why not something like cute pastels and not really bright colours mashed together like bright yellow and purple or ocean blue and neon green.  Those colours not really my style and I’m pretty sure you can make your schools' dress code a little unique.

Also why don’t school dresses have longer sleeves? So summer I get it but why not have the option to wear both: no sleeves and sleeves. “Jumper?” No I don’t like wearing jumpers that much. Jackets are much better because you can zip up to keep warm or zip down to cool off.

What about sports clothes?                                                                                        
Shorts, socks, shirts and dark colours are the normal but maybe whites and pastels would be better. So in winter clothes should be bright and cheerful, not reminding us that its wet and rainy. Most boys don’t like wearing pink and purple but maybe they could wear light baby blue and white.

Hats should be grey and white because you don’t want the uniform too colourful. Add some light shades of grey and white for sport hats and formal shoes. And like always winter and summer uniforms should be the only two you wear all year.