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Preventing COVID-19 at school

Posted by Opal B, Year 6 | Found in: Primary

At MCC we are doing all sorts of things to help prevent COVID-19.

Even if it is just simply washing your hands before and after eating, every little thing helps! And together doing the little things, we can all pull through this tough time together!

One of the main things that we do is social distancing from the teachers/staff. You would probably think that everyone would have to social distance, but we are only distancing from the teachers/staff because if one of the students had Corona, then accidentally gave it to the teachers/staff then they could possibly be put in hospital.

 I’m pretty sure most schools are doing this, and if they’re not, I think they should. MCC is sanitizing the school desks every day so that when the kids go to class, they have clean, safe desks. :)

The government is encouraging washing your hands often and that is exactly what we are doing. Every before and after recess we wash our hands, every before and after lunch we wash our hands, every before and after school, yep you guessed it, we wash our hands. If everyone in the world did this then our Covid-19 cases would go down faster.

We could list a whole lot more of things that we are doing, like sanitizing the playgrounds, but then we would have to be here for a while. I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to our staff members and an extra big thankyou to our cleaners for still going with doing your job and making sure that this school is clean, safe and ready for us to have a great day. Thankyou