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Primary Athletics Carnival

Posted by Xanthe F.M. and Katya D.B., Year 5 | Found in: Primary

Heart thumping, palms sweaty and legs shaking with nerves. You're chaperoned to the starting line. The gun blasts. Ready, set, go! That's how the primary students felt when competing in the annual MCC athletics carnival!

The students competed in different competitions depending on their age. Some of the competitions were 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m, shot put, javelin and long jump. All of the students loved it!

Here are the results. Faction Winner was Hedley!!!

Year 1: Runner ups: Alanah J. and Lachlan B. Champions: Lola S. and Lawson M.

Year 2: Runner ups: Matilda L. and Christopher D. & William L. Champions: Bethan W. and Luke T.

Year 3: Runner ups: Rosie P. and Aiden B. Champions: Claire S. and Davian S.

Year 4: Runner ups: Madison F. and Lucas B. Champions: Brooke W. and Josiah V.

Year 5: Runner ups: Rhianna H. and Deacon L. Champions: Katya D.B. and Mathew L. & Fraser M.

Year 6: Runner ups: Alyssa B. and Flynn B. Champions: Ruby C. and Austin J.

We interviewed Lincoln V. in Year 2 and Madison F. in Year 4 to find out what they thought about the athletics carnival.

Lincoln V. 
What was your favourite part of the Athletics carnival?
Lincoln: Javelin and the races.
What faction are you in?
Lincoln: Tester [Blue]
Did you enjoy the Athletics Carnival?
Lincoln: YES!! Did you get any ribbons?
Lincoln: No.

Madison F. 
What was your favourite part of the athletics carnival?
Madison: long jump
What faction are you in?
Madison: Dunn-Scott [green]
Did you enjoy the athletics carnival?
Madison: Yes.
Did you get any ribbons?
Madison: Yes.

Written by Katya D.B. and Xanthe F. M., Year 5

 Video by Claire S (Year 9), Leah C (Year 9), Tenique F (Year 12) and Mr Pethick from the Secondary Digital Newspaper Team