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Primary Staff Fact File & Guess Who?

Found in: Primary

Want to know more about the staff at your school? Xanthe FM., Chloe H. and Rhianna H. in Year 5, interviews our primary staff members to find out some interesting facts about them.

Mrs De Bruyn

Favourite colour: Dark blue
Favourite animal: Dogs
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite sport: Running
Favourite TV show: Grand Designs

Mrs Sawyer

Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite animal: Cows and goats
Favourite food: Passion fruit
Favourite sport: Running
Favourite TV show: ABC education

Mrs Donoghoe

Favourite colour: All bright colours
Favourite animal: Cows
Favourite food: Osso bucco
Favourite sport: Motor Racing (V8 super cars)
Favourite TV show: Little Big Shots

Mrs Rullo

Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite food: Spicy pumpkin soup or eggs benedict
Favourite sport: Dancing or Running
Favourite TV show: Offspring

Mrs Nolan

Favourite colour: Red
Favourite animal: Cats and Dogs
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite sport: Gymnastics
Favourite TV show: The Goldbergs

Mrs Measham

Favourite colour: Orange and Purple
Favourite animal: Penguin
Favourite food: Cheese and Avocados
Favourite sport: Gymnastics
Favourite TV show: Alive


Which teacher do you think is featured in the photo?


- likes running
- likes English
- likes The Greatest Showman 
- likes the colour blue
- likes dogs
- likes chai latte

Send in your response to digitalnewspaper56@gmail.com or speak to Rhianna H. in Year 5 from the primary newspaper team.