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Radical Resilience

Posted by Lieve, Year 5 | Found in: Primary


Have you ever felt nervous, maybe even scared to be yourself in front of others?

Our school is starting a new program called You Can Do It, and it can help us.

We will start with the 5 keys to success:

  1. Confidence
  2. Persistence
  3. Organisation
  4. Resilience
  5. Getting Along

In the first week, we were learning about success. Success is when you accomplish a goal or something you’ve been working on for a long time. You feel really happy when you achieve success. And remember, it’s about doing your personal best, not someone else’s best!!!

We are giving students a You Can Do It ticket whenever they show signs of one of the 5 keys to success. A ticket is also equivalent to a point for their house team.

At assembly, we put all the tickets into a big box and 3 names get called out. Whoever’s name gets called out gets a free ice cream. That keeps our students working hard! Congratulations to this term's winners and thank you to the wonderful canteen staff for their support.

This term we were focusing on resilience. Resilience means bouncing back when you feel down. It is a great skill to learn, but a tricky one too!!!

I have learned about staying strong even in tough situations. Here is what some other Year 5s and 6s had to say about what they learned this term:

I learned how to be calm – Molly, Year 6

I learned to bounce back and ask for help – Rhianna, Year 6

I have learned what resilience means – Chloe, Year 6

I learnt that everyone goes through hard times and to know how to deal with it – Zara, Year 6

Be a duck, not a sponge – Izzy, Year 6

Learning resilience has put a bit more confidence and joy inside me. Also, I have learnt many strategies to get over things in this term – Abbey, Year 6

I learned about the 10 Habits of Happiness – Lachlan, Year 6

Don’t think bad and stay positive – Savannah, Year 5

Slides by Christopher, Year 6