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Spectacular SCEA Vision

Posted by Brooke, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

SCEA Vision was buzzing with noise, excitement and nerves as the crowd was filled with more than 100 people.

In August me (Brooke), Opal, Emily P and Zara performed a song in Mandarin with a dance. The song was called Xiao Tuzi.

One of the members, Zara, lived in Beijing, China, for 18 months and came back to school in Term 2. She found out about SCEA Vision and wanted to teach us a song in Mandarin and enter the competition.

We practised at recess and lunch in Term 2 and the beginning of Term 3. The practice really payed off - we did the best possible effort.

It was my team’s first time to go to SCEA Vision and we were very proud to be a part of it. Our parents were really proud of us too.

There were 16 other performances at Swan Christian College, both primary and high school. There were very talented kids there. Our performance was the only one for MCC. Our Indonesian teacher Ibu Jones was the one who organized the event.