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Spotlight On...Lawson M!

Found in: Primary

At MCC we have lots of very talented students. I interviewed Lawson M to get a glimpse into his life as a Rugby player.

Lawson is 6 years old and is already playing Rugby for the Australian Swans Internationally! I asked him a couple of questions to find out more about his life.

What team do you play for?
Lawson: “I play rugby for the Australian Swans internationally.”

Why do you like rugby?
Lawson: “Because you get to tackle and it’s fun when you win.”

How many players are on your team?
Lawson: “Twenty.”

Why did you start rugby?
Lawson: “Because my dad was a good rugby player and I wanted to be like him when I grow up.”

How long have you been playing rugby?
Lawson: “I have been playing for 5 months.”

Do you practice at home?
Lawson: “Yes, I practice with my friends when we have playdates.”


Interview and photography by Katya DB., Year 6
Rugby photo supplied