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Spotlight on...Samantha W!

Posted by Katya DB., Year 5 | Found in: Primary

Samantha is a pre-primary student at MCC who is also a part of Susan Jane's Academy of Dance. She has been learning how to do Jazz, Tap and Ballet.

Samantha has been going there since she was only three years old and recently received a high distinction medal for her ballet exams. Katya DB in Year 5 interviews Samantha to discover more about her talent and dreams.

Katya: What do you like about dancing?
Samantha: I get to see my friend Charlotte and it’s lots of fun.

Katya: Why did you start dancing?
Samantha: Because my first favourite show was Angelina and she was a ballerina and I thought I could be a ballerina dancer too.

Katya: When do you do dancing?
Samantha: I do Ballet on Thursday and I do Tap and Jazz on Saturday.

Katya: Do you want to be a Dancer when you're older and if so what style would you do?
Samantha: Yes and I would do all of them.

Katya: Which style of dance do you like the most?
Samantha: My favourite style is Ballet.


Interview and photography by Katya D.B., Year 5
Dancing photographs supplied