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The Rubbish Exterminators!

Posted by Emily-Jayne, Zara and Brooke, Year 6 | Found in: Primary

What do we do? In the rubbish exterminators we don’t like to see the environment filled with rubbish.

So in the rubbish exterminators we have been picking up rubbish to help the environment be a good place again.

Who Does It? E-j , Brooke and Zara. Doing this is fun and it helps the bush land. E-j is the counter of all the rubbish that we find. Brooke and Zara are the people who find the rubbish and put it in the bag.  

Our song!! "One,two,three!The rubbish Exterminators are here to exterminate! The rubbish exterminates are on the go again. The rubbish exterminaters are here to exterminate with EJ Zara and Brooke the rubbish Exterminaters!"

How we got inspired? 

  • In river rangers one day we did an activity were we had to go around the school to pick up rubbish and see how much was lying around the school. 

  • We ended up finding about 800 pieces al together as a class.

  • So at recess we had a talk and decide to do it more and more to help our environment.

  • And that’s how we became the rubbish extermanatiors!

By E.J., Brooke and Zara!