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The War against Waste at MCC

Posted by Ayla, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

Our environment is currently suffering from pollution of plastic straws and unrecycled juice-boxes.

We have surveyed MCC and we have a total of 80 people in our school who agree to take action against the world’s pollution, and are alright with getting rid of juice-boxes at our canteen. The straws are getting into our beautiful oceans, that will soon be wrecked if we don’t improve, but one school can make a difference.

 We can stop this if we really put in the effort. We are hoping our school can help put an end to this disaster. Our Head of Primary-Mrs. Wilson- has decided to help and is currently trying to improve our school’s waste ways. She is helping us keep the earth clean.

MCC is a school full of hope. We believe that we can all join in to help. Many students here are committed to making a difference and are already trying not to buy juice-boxes. Unfortunately, we can’t make ALL the difference, but that is why we encourage others to help too. Students are asked to put their rubbish in the bin, but that’s not all, we need to reduce the amount of waste we are using. We think getting rid of juice-boxes will really help the environment. So, what next?

  • You can also help, try:
    • Ø Not using single-use straws
    • Ø Try starting a compost at home to reduce food-waste
    • Ø Buy bottled juice instead of juice-boxes

As a school we have decided we all need to take one step forward. Setting a goal and believing in it is a very important part in doing that.