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Trick Shots

Posted by Coby and Tom, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

If you want to have some tricks up your sleeves for when you play basketball, you will need to keep fit and healthy. Here are some tips:

1. You should aim for 60 mins of physical activity per day (at least) to keep fit and healthy [5 days a week].
2. If you’re struggling to keep fit, then turn it into a fun activity like sport, dodgeball or chasey. And it doesn’t have to be a structured sport as long as you do the recommended time.
3. The best way to keep healthy is to not eat too much sugar. Eat yummy fruit instead. Fruit salads are great! Healthy fruit and veg juices are a good way to keep healthy too.

Here are two videos of tricky basketball shots to show good you can be when you’re healthy and fit!