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True Friendship

Posted by Lieve and Savannah (Year 5) | Found in: Primary

You’ve got to ask yourself sometimes, does outer beauty really come before inner beauty?

Or humour before feelings? Or just simply one friend over another? Friends are important. But do looks and actions really change who they are really on the inside?

You should support people that look or sound a little unique. I mean, you may be scared, but really, they are truly just a normal ordinary kid! If they are new to the school, just be nice and kind to them, and have a chat.

If they are looking lonely, go over and talk to them! It will make them feel warm and happy inside.

Without friends or people that care for us, life would be lonely, and difficult. It would be sad, no one to talk about problems or just life! You would have to hold on to all your thoughts, and they would be stuck there forever!

True friends need a lot of work. Looking out for other people takes a lot of work. But friendship is important, and you should look after it. 

This popular quote says it all: "True friends aren't the ones who make your problems disappear, they're the ones who won't disappear when you're facing problems."

 Lieve and Savannah (Year 5)