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What's so good about MCC?

Posted by Brook and EJ (Year 5) | Found in: Primary

Two Year 5 students share their perspectives on why they think Mundaring Christian College is the school to be.

Brook shares her thoughts on friendship, animals, play spaces and extra bits and pieces, while EJ gives her opinion on the sport program, River Rangers and horticulture.

FRIENDSHIP: All the students make you feel as though you belong. As you know the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is a big part of our school. Let me explain simply.  If I help my friend when all her stationery fell all over the ground and caused a big catastrophe, she will help me one day. Nice right? Well it gets better, if I trip over, loads of people will help me. Then after that they will get me to a teacher. Also, you hardly hear any signs of people being bullied. I love my school because everyone is so nice to each other. Friends here are really very easy to make at MCC and all my friends are kind and caring to everyone. That’s why MCC is a really awesome school!

ANIMALS: Lucky for you if you like wildlife because we have a lot of wildlife here at MCC. I love animals and plants and there is a lot of them. Once I found a baby bird on the ground and I helped it to fly. We also have a lot of bandicoots, including ‘Billy the Bandicoot’ who is very popular.

PLAY SPACE: MCC has some really cool cubbies so if you feel adventurous and love being outdoors, well MCC has it all. Now to the gym, well in the gym we have two basketball courts, netball courts and soccer courts. There is also a sport shed where you can get out a lot of things like skipping ropes, basketballs, netballs, soccer balls, badminton, rugby balls, hoola hoops and footballs. Well that’s practically the whole gym, which is one of my favourite parts of school!

SPORT: Here at MCC we have a great sport program! We have learnt touch rugby, soccer, T-ball, skipping, running, swimming, javelin, shotput, football, cricket, long jump and badminton. We also practise our skipping tricks: Criss-Cross, Bell, Double Spin and Double Spin Criss-Cross.

RIVER RANGERS: If you are in Year 5 and 6, you do River Rangers which has lots of fun activities like mountain biking, seeing lots of animals, camping, orienteering, canoeing, archery and rock climbing.

HORTICULTURE: We even grow food for the high school to cook with when they come down from the Parkerville campus. We grow tomatoes and basil but the high school also brings food down as well. We love taking turns to work in the garden with Mrs Johns.

EXTRA: When you hit Year 5 to Year 6 you get buddies! They are all so cute. And when you're in Year 6 you fly to Sydney and Canberra, which is where our Year 6s are right now! There is also a student newspaper program, before and after school sport and choir. Plus, any class that you are in, you have great teachers. To me everyone is important in their own way and they all make MCC so special.


 Brook and EJ (Year 5)