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Art Gallery of WA Excursion

Posted by Ebony S. | Found in: Secondary

A bright sunny morning was a great start to the day for the Year 10, 11 and 12 art students who were about to head to the city for their art excursion to the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). We were all assigned a number to make roll call easier. Later in the day we realised that even the most talented artists in Perth, such as ourselves, can find even the simplest of tasks difficult. In short, we can’t count too well.

We entered the contemporary art gallery with awe at the amazing 2019 Year 12 student artists in the Pulse Perspective Exhibition.  It was interesting to see some marvelous ideas and concepts displayed in the detailed works of art. We were advised to take notes of the structural frames of the pieces and find some inspiration.

More inspiration was sparked inside the Perth arts gallery when we found a room that contained a bunch of hay and wool. We were invited to help artist Sharyn Egan to make a grass tree sculpture. Our task was to grab a bunch of hay and wrap it with wool, creating a large, colorful branch like structure to add to a colorful grasstree artwork. The purpose of this was to create a peaceful atmosphere and conversation which was greatly achieved.

After spending a little over an hour at the art gallery, one of the students wished upon the stars to dine at a burger joint nearby and the amazing Mrs. Liebenberg granted that wish. Much to the groups surprise, that same student did not get a burger!  However, we all found something nice to eat. After lunch we continued our adventure through to Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), a modern art gallery in the cultural precinct.

Hidden behind a long black curtain at PICA was a digital art exhibit ‘Thunderhead’ by Tina Havelock Stevens. The work portrays an enormous thundercloud that draped from the sky to the ground in a lonesome field, with shadowy mountain figures lurking in the background. The image is a digital motion piece projected onto the wall, accompanied with soothing classical music. Most of the girls enjoyed sitting on the large cushions placed in front of the art, some nearly falling asleep. Others wandered around to explore the other digital artworks PICA had to offer.  Some people in the group ventured further to find a room with various words to stick on colorful paper. Some of us showed a true creative spirit, making various patterns, quotes and designs that we could hang up on a wall for future visitors to enjoy.

We headed back to the Perth arts gallery for a final adventure in the AGWA historical and WA focus exhibits before heading towards the iMaGiNaTiON ROoM upstairs. MCC’s most prestigious artists did not hesitate to play around with the large foam shapes found in the imagination room to create amazing patterns and structures. This was also a great chance to see the true colours of the school’s mature elder students who chucked little tantrums when their friends wouldn’t share the shapes. Others relaxed on the couch, enjoying the last minutes of our outing before catching the bus back to school. I would like to thank Mrs. Liebenberg for organising this trip for us and giving us a great opportunity to explore the wonderful world of art. A big thanks to Mrss De Beer for coming to the outing with us and for her help on the day.