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Battle of the Bands Recap

Posted by Asher L. | Found in: Secondary

Swan Christian College held its annual Battle of the Bands in July with Mundaring’s three representative bands taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 

The night started with Korvice, a Mundaring metal band who played three original songs and who’s musical skill and prowess won them second place. They were followed by Mercury, Swan’s own metal band who warmed up the mosh pit, playing three covers two from Metallica and one from Megadeath with some impressive shredding from the guitarist.

Next was The Comrades, who played a mixture of pop and rock and who’s singer impressively stalled the second song with charismatic banter as he struggled to remember the lyrics and managed to make it more entertaining than the original song. Luckily the combined energy from the other two songs and the legendary recovery from the singer was enough to win them third place. Swan band Sentimental Poison followed, the only girl band to play on the night. Whilst having only played together for 2 months prior and having some technical issues, they brought a good pop sensibility to the line-up, and a quirky backstory to their name.

Finally, Akimbo – formally known as Shrader’s Arcade – wrapped up the competition with 2 rock covers and 3 rock originals, winning first place for their overwhelming talent and energy.

Professional band Dead on 11 kept the good vibes going playing a 45 minute set while the judges deliberated. With just 3 prizes on offer, final result… a clean sweep to Mundaring, and great time had by all.

So, if you’ve got any desire to perform, and want to help defend our title for next year, get a band together and start practicing now!