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Behind the scenes with Mr. Meyer

Posted by L Clark | Found in: Secondary

As a great writer once said, “No one is useless in the world who lightens the burdens of others.”

This writer was Charles Dickens; a man who is now but another influencer in the history of millions; a man who lived his life separately to the ones we live today; and yet he was a man, as human and complex as you and I.

Dickens may feel a universe away to us today, and yet his message remains untested by time. He knew the worth of a helping hand, and yet maybe, just maybe, we forget the people behind the scenes in our lives today.

You see, we live in a world where our mentors and the very influencers of our lives are no longer jus our parents. We spend almost a half of our day in a place away from home in the constant presence of those who will unknowingly shape our futures.

At Mundaring Christian, these people are all around us: from our friends to our teachers, to that one year 12 kid who you think you know the name of, but really, it's just a guess. The people change us but so do their actions, the changes they make that we don’t see now, but inevitable we will one day remember.

Yes, there are so many characters around us that fit the bill, but there is one man who goes unnoticed and certainly “lighten the burdens” of others at MCC.

That man is Will Meyer.

To many Mr Meyer may still be a stranger, but what I believe is most strange to us, is how much Mr Meyer does in and for our school.

His official title is Head of Student Services, a role that is not so easily defined. In short, Mr Meyer oversees the needs and wants of the students and their parents to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone at our school.

This is a crazy job that must cover the bases of numerous topics for dozens of students but if considering the wellbeing of roughly 320 individuals was not enough, Mr Meyer has changed the way we see our school in no more than a year and a half.

As mentioned, one of Mr Meyer’s roles is to ensure the comfort of students. As the teenagers of the present and the adults of the future, we want to have a say in how we are going to spend hours a day, right?

Well, Mr Meyer provided us with just that: a voice.

As of term two 2018 we were given a box rightly named The Student Voice Box.

This mean that we had more say which lead to more that Mr Meyer has done.

With the request of a lunchtime entertainment, our Head of Student Services wasted no time, bringing in handball courts and chess sets in less than three weeks.

Soon after this, the idea of bringing a stronger school spirit was brought up and without time to waste, Mr Meyer delivered. In less than 6 months we now have our own flags to stand under at house carnivals and boy are we proud to do so.

These are just some of the whole school things he does, yet every day he is making an impact on everyone around him at our school. With the work he does with individuals he is striving to create a high school that I, as he said it, “truly different”, and that “prioritises a culture of caring”.

Our school is changing for the better, and Mr Meyer is certainly playing a role. He is an influencer and a mentor, but most importantly he is helpings shape Mundaring Christian College to become better, as well as helping us to become the best we can be.

The only thing left to ask about Mr Meyer is what is he going to do next? I’m not sure yet, but one thing I can easily conclude is that the future of MCC will be great.