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Book Review: Circe

Posted by Amber Berriman | Found in: Secondary

Circe, by Madeline Miller, is a dazzling book filled to the brim with Greek Mythology, tragedies and just general magic.

The story follows the story of Circe the famous Greek Goddess/ witch, who was born to the infamous Titan Helios who rides the sun chariot and basically controls the sun.

Circe, born into this powerful family, had limited power and was bullied mercilessly until she meets an ordinary fisherman Glaucos who she turns into a god using magical herbs.

It then follows how Glaucos, after becoming a god, ignores Circe to marry a nymph instead.

This betrayal angered Circe, who then turns the nymph into a monster.

As punishment, Zeus sends her to a remote island where she hones her powers and is visited by many famous figures; Medea, Jason, Hermes and of course the famous Odysseus.

This book is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to everyone, particularly for fans of Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, magic in general, and strong female characters.