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Book Review: The Cruel Prince

Posted by Amber Berriman | Found in: Secondary

The Cruel Prince, written by Holly Black, follows the story of Jude whose parents were viciously murdered by Fae.

Years later after being kidnapped by Fae, Jude is trying to survive with her sisters Violet and Taryn (Taryn being a human like Jude) in a world filled to the brim with Faeries who absolutely hate her guts.

Half way through Jude unravels a plot that brings her and the Prince of Fae closer together, although a betrayal soon unfolds.

The first chapters were written poorly however this is an amazing book which kept me on my toes the entire way through. 

With twists and turns no one could have predicted, the suspense has left me wishing I never bought this book before the sequel was released.

This book is great for fans of Holly Black and her book The Magisterium and A Court of Thorns and Roses.