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Book Review: The Darkest Shades of Magic

Posted by Amber Berriman | Found in: Secondary

The Darkest Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab is a spellbound novel bursting with magic, adventures and pirates.

It follows the story of Kell, a type of rare magician called Antaris, who has the power to move between realms of London.

Kell comes from Red London a place where magic flourishes and ruled by a kind King and Queen who adopted Kell when he was only a few years old.

Delilah Bard, Kell’s quirky, fun, adventurous friend, comes from Grey London, a London where magic is almost completely gone and ruled by a mad ruler King George III.

White London is a bloody place where magic is suppressed but still flourished.

Black London was a London once gone when the peoples let magic takeover their bodies and consume them.

When Kell accidently holds possession of a trinket from Black London, he runs into Delilah Bard who quickly captures him.

He quickly realises he is in for a lot of trouble.

Lilah, a thief on the streets, uses the trinket against Kell to make him take her to Red London.

Begrudgingly he agrees and sets off a few unlikely events.

This book is stunning, with an easy to follow plot and beautiful imagery.

I will admit I bought the next two immediately after reading the first.

If you like magic, pirates and endings that leave you hooked for days, this series is the one for you.

If you like Doctor Who and Harry Potter, as well as a bit of Leigh Bardugo thrown in there as well, you have to add this book to your collection.