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Classics Poetry Night

Posted by Cara L. | Found in: Secondary

MCC’s poetry night,  an event of fun where the classics elective students have the chance to exhibit and perform what they’ve learned in the subject over the past semester.

We were indulged in a medieval-themed feast of meat, and it was amazing to see all of the amazing costumes put together. This year we had the year 7’s and 8’s doing The Odyssey and Beowulf and the year 9’s and 10’s doing ancient Greece with Antigone and some medieval presentations with Sir Gawain and The Green Knight and it was a colourful and bright night despite the cold and wet weather! 

This poem was written and presented on the night by year 10’s Jade L.;

Her lonely steps through the gates of a coop, a cage of stress, anxiety and most of all... fear
She vies trying to compass under a concourse of watchful, judging eyes
She was unsullied before she was brought into the reality of the harsh world
And the ill that comes with it
As she goes through the seconds, minutes, hours, days, she finds herself benighted
With no escape in sight
Her insecurities burgeon for everyone to espy
As the days of loneliness continue
But finally, angels appear to save her from her nightmares
But they cannot save her from herself
And when she was at her zenith
Her bulwark began to falter and she starts to upheave through the darkling
But, as doom had it, her angels turned to demons
She was taught the feeling of betrayal
And becomes a thrall to darkness once again
As rumors surface, tears are shed, and she is labeled... the outcast
And finally, as she quails to sadness, there is suddenly a waver of hope
Her own knight in shining armor
But she is aghast that she would feel pain again
So as one does, durstn’t deem the thought of happiness and hides behind her walls
But as time goes on her defenses begin to fall
And learns a new feeling she has never felt before
But as time repeats itself
Her knight turned into a dragon
And now after all the struggles, insecurities, anxiety, tears,
rumors, betrayals, heartbreak, stress, sadness,
It’s all over
Now what?

Miss Cara L. (Student)