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Eat Meet and Greet

Posted by Yuzu K | Found in: Secondary

The day started off mellow with children running to and fro, purchasing numerous hotdogs and churros sticks. It was a quiet Friday afternoon, perfect for a get-together like this one.

I, one of the similarly lost Year 8’s looking for their companions, was enjoying the jubilant scene.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the famous (or infamous) ‘Dunk The Teacher’ booth which proved to be rather popular. I, for one, participated in the dunking and enjoyed it quite a lot. I’m not quite sure Mrs. M our Chaplin did though. She was a great sport along with the other teachers like Mr. Chan, Mr. Rosolin and Mr. Chan. 

Of course, an MCC gathering would be futile without the amazingly talented Year 12 Hospitality Class. They never cease to amaze us with their cuisine (I personally had one of their outstanding hotdogs).

Other attractions included a bouncy basketball court (which I was eager to try out but ended up not attempting) and an inflatable ‘Slip & Slide’. 

As the day went by, more and more people arrived in the oval. Inevitably, some of my friends came as well and we had a jolly time. Some of the high school students arrived and socialised moving around the Primary campus activities.   

The day went by and the fun was mellow yet enjoyable.

Towards the end of the event as sun was setting, we had to leave, reflecting on a fantastic afternoon to end the school week. Overall, it was a great gathering! It is plain to see the effort the school puts in these events, when the parents and community reciprocate it makes it that much better.

You did it again, MCC! We’ll see you again next year.