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How Ridiculous

Posted by Brendon E. | Found in: Secondary

“Get the bell on!”

May be a common phrase you’ve heard before? Up on the YouTube trending list? 5.3 million subscribers? Yeah (How Ridiculous) is a pretty big deal.

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to have a meet and greet with the boys, Brett and Scott. They were asked about their favourite moments since commencing creating videos, their motivation for the videos, and their beliefs.

They mentioned during the time, that fame isn’t the main goal of How Ridiculous. As famous as they are, it’s more about having the opportunities to follow their passions and to know God is in charge of their future. Expressing they apply this when they are looking on taking on sponsorships and work opportunities, discussing how they decide on who they work with.

Mr Lee played a large role in the organisation of the meet and greet. The connection is Scott is the cousin of Mr. Lee.

After the presentation, there was a meet and greet.  The YouTubers progresses to the basketball courts with many excited fans followed. There was ongoing fandom; taking of pictures and acquiring signatures on any object they could from footballs to writing pads. It was encouraging to see connections made with questions and answers made between the How Ridiculous Team and the students.

There are many others that are excited to see what new adventures and challenges they encounter, no doubt with a few new subscribers after their visit, we'll know.

To find out more please check out their Youtube channel.