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How to support others in Isolation

Posted by Brendan E. | Found in: Secondary

In this time of crisis and confusion, everyone needs that little more support. But how can I do it if I can’t see them?

This is a question trying to be figured out by many around the world, either because their friends are self isolating, or you are. Let’s just get one thing straight, Isolation and Quarantine.

What’s the difference?

Isolation is the method of separating people who are unwell from people who are healthy. This helps slow the spread of a contagious virus, but it can also be used as a prevention to keep yourself safe.

Quarantine on the hand is used to seperate and restrict the movement of someone who is well, but may have came into contact with a person with an illness.

Now we have an idea on what isolation is, what are the effects on someone who is in isolation?

Isolation can have negative effects on someone, for instance physical symptoms like aches and pains, headaches and mental symptoms like increased depression, negative feelings of worthlessness and more. This is a very real matter with todays' pandemic, so how can I help others and support them?

There are many ways to support a peer or others in the community. Sending a message or writing a letter to someone can make all the difference, remind them that they aren’t alone in this situation, and that they are loved. People can forget it some times, it’s good to check in on them. A local Christian Family made a stand called a “Blessing Cart” designed to bless people of the direct community by allowing them to add/take what they
need. Some friends have considered playing online multiplayer games with their friends as they are unable to see them in person. Another way to support others in your community would be writing letters/messages to the elderly in nursing homes, as it can enlighten their day in these times of lockdown and crisis.

With restrictions easing, seeing your mates could quite become a possibility. But until then, hang in there. We asked some students how they support their friends in these times, here’s what why had to say:

Texting and calling regularly - Riley from Yr 7
Suggesting Netflix movies - Helena from Yr 8
Keep a connection with people by texting often as possible - Liam Yr from 9
Go for bike rides with mates, walks to their house and see them (whilst keeping a level of suitable social distance) - Julain from Yr 10
Messaging, FaceTime, Playing online with them (Minecraft) - Claire from Yr 11

We are all in this together, so until things go back to normality, hang in there and keep supporting your mates and your community.