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Indonesian Independence Day

Found in: Secondary

Selmat Pagi! It was Indonesian Independence Day and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in red and white and enjoying local cuisine with others.

Check out what the students' thoughts were from the day.

The day was exciting and full of energy with people from all years, dressing up in red and white. Once lunchtime finally arrived, the South Hub was filled with delicious flavours from Indonesia, courtesy of Year 7’s and 8’s and their parents amazing cooking skills. Personally, I got the Indonesian Spider, Spring roll and fried rice before I ran out of money. I was amazed at how delicious it was (a true highlight of my day). Overall it was a huge success and a really enjoyable day”. – Mackenzie 

The food was amazing, and the day was very good as well. Most of the food and drinks sold out so the money we made which is over $1300 in total from Secondary and Primary went to support our adopted Orangutans and tiger at the Perth Zoo. I am so glad as the money went to a really good cause”. – Kale 

I liked the vibe that you got because everyone was wearing red and white, I also liked trying the traditional Indonesian food prepared by the students” – Kiara 

I’m so proud of how much the school has raised and I enjoyed wearing red and white clothes, the colours are daring and so is the food”. – Alex 

I was really happy that so many people participated in the event. It made me glad”. – Anonymous

Indonesian Independence Day was the best day of the year because you had a chance to make food and drinks from Indonesia! Also, you had the pleasure of making food for others and see them love it, but if you were the customers buying the delicious food, you would want to make it yourself, plus free dress gives the chance to express who you are instead of wearing the same thing all day every day”. – Daniel 

Great day for those involved and the hard work paid off.

Special mention to Ibu Jones our Indonesian Teacher for all her effort and support in learning more of the vibrant language and culture.