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Indonesian Independence Day

Posted by Daniel S | Found in: Secondary

It was a very good day as we all stood there talking with each other in our red and white colours on to celebrate the occassion of Indonesian Independence Day.

The weather was on our side.

There was a bit of panic for a few groups before the main lunch time event.  Students and staff were busy with their food stalls preparation but at lunch everyone rushed through the South Hub.

It was clear that so many hungry people were eager to try all the different food available for purchase.

There was plenty of variety from coffee lollies to cakes to curries. Suffice to say, I tried a lot of it and enjoyed savouring the flavours.

Everyone put heaps of effort. They had great colorful stalls and with big elaborate signs to showcase and draw the crowds in.

The Indonesian Independence Day was fun. 

Thanks to Ibu Jones who helped organise the event along with the students and staff who participated and supported.

Another student said "It was cool seeing what people were selling. I liked how we had to pay for our food using tokens. Everyone looked like they were having a ball and the food was great. I gave my extra tokens to groups that looked like they didn’t have much."

The Indonesian Independence Day was a success, raising $500 dollars with the amazing food stalls voluntarily provided by the Year 7/8 students of MCC, $200 dollars by the whole collage wearing those red and white clothes. In total the Secondary College raising $700 to towards the Opportunity International.