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Insight into Australian Business Week

Posted by Jade L. | Found in: Secondary

For the 5 days of this course, they were able to dress up in business attire, then be put into 8 groups, in which they would take over and run a sporting company.

This Business Week for the year 10s of Mundaring Christian College.

The way they were able to do this was through an online simulation where you make decisions and those decisions impact your next report; your financial balance, shares, market shares, etc. as a group with a CEO at the helm.

The 8 groups were randomly chosen by factions. Then each faction was split into two, so no one was able to choose whom they wanted in their group but luckily this year’s year 10 group are already quite a close net group and everyone is friends with everyone. Making group dynamics easier for most, even with a small number of new students. This provided a great way for them to make new friends.

A prize for the most successful company there was quite a bit a stake. Mixing friendships with a little bit of healthy competition develops 'enemies'.  With broken alliances, relationships straining, emotions and drama on the rise it was dramatic at times, to say the least.

So, you might be wondering ‘What exactly did they have to do?’

Well throughout the first 4 days of the week they had to make a total of 8 decisions in the simulation, these decisions affected the success of their company with the production of reports being vital to the survival of the company and wild year 10s.

These reports showed the effect of the decisions made previously and then they would decide what they had to do with the next decision, wow so many decisions. To add to the stress, they also had to create a 30-second advertisement for their sporting product, a social media platform, an optional website and to produce money from the $10 given to them by the school, which they did have to pay back.

Unfortunately, the year 10s could not keep the remaining money but they are doing something much better with it, they will be donating the money to the Opportunity International Charity. This charity helps families all over the world, mainly in Asia, by micro-financing (more information at their website; opportunity.org).

On the last day of this week, a trade display with come in to fruition to showcase the product along with materials they bought from an auction 2 days prior. With money for the auction coming from their company’s banking from the previous few days.

As well as the trade store they also had to do an oral presentation, selling their company, and a company analysis report. All this was judged to come up with the most successful company and winners of Australian Business Week.

Now after all this the year 10s can put their feet up and enjoy … Holidays.

Miss Jade L. (student)