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Introduction to Photography

Posted by Hazel R. | Found in: Secondary

Introduction to Photography

This is a reflection after completing my first semester in the elective in Media Production and Analysis. Instead of setting tasks the teacher helped us incorporate what we were learning into the work. Learning about the rule of thirds, using the grid with the camera helped to compose a photograph. During this course I learnt there are many different types of photography including sports, food, fashion and more. I initially thought take a photograph and make it better in editing and show it to people. It is more precise, considered and planned than I first thought.

The learning was more about experimentation using different compositional styles, where the teacher allowed us to practice, allowing us to make mistakes along the way. The exposure triangle gave us guidance to take photographs in different circumstances. When I was at home, I would simply take a photograph of my backyard and edit it. Now I consider other elements including lighting, angles, how much the subject fills the frame, shadows and more.

Throughout the course we did a range of photography so there should be an opportunity for anyone who does photography to find something they like. It was a practical course where there were many chances to take pictures and spend the time analysing. It was not rushed, as it was well paced catering for students of varying experiences, interests, and skill levels.

Next year I am looking forward to doing this again, as it is engaging and makes me want to do the learn more about Media Production and Analysis.