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Lay Flat Photography

Posted by Daniel S | Found in: Secondary

Flat lay photography is a photograph technique which involves laying objects down on a flat surface and taking the shot from an overhead perspective.

You arrange objects in a way that will set the scene. It sets the mood and gives it emotion. It normally tells a story so make so make sure they look well together.

The elements of a good flat lay picture include;

The biggest thing to consider before shooting a flat lay is light! It’s all about getting a soft natural light (preferably in the middle of the day or morning). Direct sunlight is often too harsh, and artificial lighting can make the whole photograph yellow and seem unnatural.

It always helps to have a really simple backdrop for the products. I usually use a white art board that I lug around with me, or some simple floorboards or marble bench tops can work nicely too.

The simpler the background is the more product you can include without making it too busy and messy.

Composition is everything, and often less is more. Don’t feel like you always need to fill the entire frame with product, because empty space can work really well, particularly when you want a certain product to pop!

If you have a hero product that needs the most attention, lay this down first and then continue to place bits and pieces around it so as not to distract from the main purpose of the shot!

 Photography by Mitchell H and Daniel S