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Life as a High School Musician

Posted by Ashton M-S. | Found in: Secondary

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they feel like they must be here for a reason, for a purpose.

You must reflect and find out. In an age where creativity is becoming more and more valued by society. I found myself engaging in a variety of passions before I entered music, for instance, I used to have an absurd Lego addiction; then it went to learning the didgeridoo and that’s when everything changed for me.

I found my love of music when I was around 10, maybe 11 years old. I started going to Fremantle to learn to play the didgeridoo at this amazing little shop right in the heart of Fremantle.

Meeting various street performers, buskers and other amazing artists from all walks of life who shared their stories with me, and as a curious little boy I absorbed it like a sponge, and it stuck with me for most of my life up to present day.

Jump forward a few years and we are in Geraldton, I moved up there for a while for other reasons but while I was at school there, I met someone who had the nickname of BJ, and he was the one that taught me to beat-box.

Every day I would come to school and he would be waiting for me to share his wisdom. While the street performers taught me the inspiration for music, it was BJ that really taught me the dedication, commitment and drive to strive for the greater good. He pushed me to my limit, in a good way, and I couldn’t have thanked him enough for his input.

Jump forward again to the present day (MCC life yall!), I’ve been playing drums for about 2 years now and I’m in a band, Akimbo.

Battle of the bands is about a month away and the pressure is intense, really intense. Every week we go and jam at each other’s houses to get this set list for Battle of the bands absolutely perfect. We time ourselves with a stopwatch to make sure we stick around the 15-minute time restriction we’ve been given. Each and every single band member in Akimbo is 100% committed to this to make sure we win the battle of the bands.

Almost every day I’m down the shed rehearsing our set list so I keep up with everyone else in the band, I prioritise practicing above school (which will change pretty soon since I'll have to commit to exam studies moving to upper school).

My favourite thing about being a musician in high school is playing with other people, making new friends and being apart of something amazing. All of us having one single goal in mind of being successful in life and making a career from doing the thing you love, no matter what.

One of the main people in school who has kept us going is the amazing music teacher herself, Mrs. Measham. She’s the one who found all our gigs to play at and the one who dropped the truth bombs on our playing and told us what we needed to improve on. There is nobody who I would trust more than Mrs Measham for inspiring me and everyone around her to pursue a career in music, whatever shape, size or form that may be.

All in all, the life of a musician is not much different from a regular person, but it’s amazing playing instruments in front of people who had no idea you could play anything.

I love bringing smiles to bored faces when I play the drums in music class, it’s the best feeling in the world. Especially playing for school performances and events, it's amazing being the center of attention one day on stage and then the next day being a legend in the classroom.

If you want to become a musician, I couldn’t recommend it enough, music is the only thing that has kept me going and music will be there till the very end. The life of a high school musician is an amazing one.

Ashton M-S. (Student)