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Local Pollinators: A 14 panel mural joint project

Posted by Mia S, Monica R, Angie R and Baylee S. | Found in: Secondary

Recently we have been working on a 14-panel mural with Yr 7s Serayah, Emily and Lara.

We will be submitting this mural to Mundaring Arts Centre, on Friday the 23rd of August. This exhibition is called Pollinator and Partner Plant Nature Studies.


Through small drawings or nature studies studs investigate local pollinators. These can include native bees, wasps, ants, flies, butterflies and beetles, and other birds and mammals that pollinate plants like the possum and bats.

The fauna on our mural include the western rosella, honey possum, giant scarab beetle, solitary bee, blue banded bee and thynnid wasp. These were all very fun to draw.

Some flora that we included in our mural was the eucalyptus tree, banksia, hammer orchid, slipper orchid and a Verticordia Niten. While some of these proved difficult, we managed.  

The Curator is following our progress and is happy with what we have come up with so far. This exhibition as a whole is part of something called Seeds, Pods and Pollen exhibition.

This mural is no bigger than 1.5 x 1.5 metres. The research that was required for this project was time consuming but very worth it. We are looking forward to seeing it displayed.

Mrs. Liebenberg recently exhibited some artwork there and she talked about our school quite a bit. So, thanks to Mrs. Liebenberg and her connections we were invited to join this exhibition.

We have enjoyed this project very much and hope to do something like it again sometime soon.