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Manjedal Camp - Indonesian Visit

Posted by Brendan E. | Found in: Secondary

It was bitter sweet, however we would do it all again.

The culmination of the Indonesian students visit was the camp; a time of bonding, games and laughs.

A weekend where we felt so connected with our Indonesian friends, yet knowing it was only a matter of time until they flew back to their part of the world.

It started with many excited faces and an abundance of bags, pack and ready to go.

Eventually, the bus was packed, and the lollies were opened. The excitement lasted long into the night with people playing around, climbing trees, and talking around the Fire Pit. The Fire Pit was a great hang out area with guitar playing, stories and just general chatter.

It was encouraging to see the friendships being created between the Indonesian and the MCC students. Emails and phone numbers being exchanged, photo’s taken for memories.

Some of these bonds would last a lifetime. I’m very grateful for the experience and looking forward to another possible opportunity when they visit again in two years time.