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Mrs C on Maternity

Posted by Claire S | Found in: Secondary

Born who knows where, on any given day at an unknown time was the beloved and highly esteemed Mrs Chodakowsky.

Having left a career in journalism – or so we have been told.  Mrs Chodakowsky also known as ‘The Choda’ took a position as a senior English, art, and media teacher in 2017, beginning what was to be three very interesting years at Mundaring Christian.

It’s rare to find someone, let alone to have a teacher for that matter, that you can get along with like a house on fire from the get-go, and this I believe we can all agree was the Choda. Teaching a myriad of classes over the years and being involved in a number of extracurricular activities, there was never a dull moment. One of the reasons as to why this was the case was the Choda’s love of a good ‘tea spill', or some juicy sharing sessions. Perhaps in our minds she tended to appear as quite a suspect character (tongue and cheek).

Due to this, a conspiracy was established about her over the course of her time at our school (all supported by 'sound evidence' mind you) these including but not limited to, her vocation for assassination. I remember one of our English lessons my friend complaining to her about the incompetencies of a peron in the college, and leaning over, in a very low tone, she simply said, “they won’t be here for much longer”. That was that, they were never seen on campus again.

Another suspicion was of her potential pregnancy, and seeing as how that turned out, I recommend that everyone try their best to stay well on her good side. From late-night light photography outings to long-winded teen wolf discussions, with a good few memes and unflattering photos mixed in the lot, The Choda has been singlehandedly the most fabulous teacher and role model to us all.

We hope Mrs Chodakowsky that you loved your first few years at the school as much as you do sausage dogs and chocolate, and that maybe soon you’ll deem to so come back.      

A BIG CONGRADULATIONS on her new baby Madelyn. Born on Good Friday at 7.36pm, 10th of April 2020 weighing 3.6kg & 54cm long.