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Outdoor Adventures: Year 10 Camp

Posted by Amber Berriman | Found in: Secondary

The Year 10 camp was honestly one of the best camps there has been, challenging you in every way possible.

We arrived at the site and an unspoken race began to see who could finish putting up their tent first.

Somehow my group collapsed our tent like 3 times which wasn't the best so we figured we would just finish it later and went to our first activity.

There were three main activities on the camp, mountain biking, a high ropes course and hiking.

Mountain biking ended up being a pretty straight trail with some narrow ledges that some people fell off (me).

This lasted for an excruciating hour and a half, before we waddled back to camp while trying to gain feeling back in our legs.

Then came the high ropes course which was, for some students, the most challenging part as it made them realise how scared of heights they were.

The high ropes had varying levels of difficulty ranging from green (easiest) to extreme blacks which only the most daring tried.

Many tried one of the hardest but soon realised they needed to strap into a harness and step off the platform at the end, dropping about 6m at least.

The next activity was hiking and, compared to the other two activities, this was a least strenuous of them all.

This was a time to check out nature and chat with friends, while walking on flat ground for an hour and a half.

After going to one of these activities we had free time for about three hours and many people decided to play ‘let's see how many people’s heads we can chop off with this frisbee.’

Then we made dinner and went to sleep (wink). 

We got up the next day at almost quarter to five because of the early risers, made breakfast and chilled for a few hours before our first activity.

Then we had a quick lunch which seemed to be a communion two-minute noodles.

Later on, Mr. B. taught us some ‘bush cooking’, which was literally two-minute noodles with chicken and added flavour.

Once the sun went down we played a very competitive game of spotlight where I lived dangerously dodging all the ditches and fallen trees, trying not to blow my cover.

We played many rounds of this, and a very helpful (cough cough) Miss Ross called out all the people who Mr. Lee could not spot.

That was followed by the game Sardines (not the fish) which basically meant that Mr. Lee was out hiding and we all had to find him and then hide with him.

This meant that Mr. Lee often did his famous 'Kevin from Up' noise (if you ever see him ask him to do it, it's very funny.)

Then we went to sleep (wink).

The next morning again someone (the guys) woke up at 5 am again and decided to cook a noisy breakfast.

This time it was at least funny to watch Raymond flip a pancake. Very funny, I won't tell you how it ends but I think you can guess.

Then it was time to pack up camp, do some team building activities such as capture the flag before sleeping all the way back to school.