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Parky Fish Store

Posted by By Yuzu K and Kynan W | Found in: Secondary

Parky Fish Store

Fish. One of the most abundant vertebrates on the depths of the Earth. But do not let its commonness fool you. These creatures are among the most magnificent species on the face of the Earth. Therefore, the Parky Fish Store focuses on the awareness and the encouraged appreciation of these beautiful aquatic fauna.

The Parky Fish Store aims on the purchases, commerce and overall admiration for fish and other marine creatures with the lineup consisting of pygmy perch, swordtails, even marron and yabbies! Besides fish trade, the store also provides species removal services for your ponds or lakes making sure that we maintain the natural and healthy state of the ecosystem whilst also eliminating those pesky invasive species.

How It All Began:

The start of the business commenced when the co-founder, Aidan Ilott, decided to put his already existing fish in his rustic backyard and his knowledge of aquaponics to good use. Ilott recalls “I was down working at the aquaponics and I thought I could start something here and make a bit of money.” Alongside his friend, Rhys Silveira, they founded the company that we now know and love today. The fish are kept in specialized tanks, aquariums or man-made ponds which contain filters, water treatment, etc. It is made sure that these aquariums have adequate space and adequate water so that these fish are as happy as can be!

The Present:

During the past heavenly months, The Parky Fish Store has hired a group of very promising fishermen and fishermates, all of them enrolled in Mundaring Christian College and the company has also been experiencing a steady flow of profit and demand garnering over $500 last year. The staff has also been in numerous trips around different lakes, ponds and creeks in Mundaring and Parkerville. “We like to go out on store excursions to have a bit of fun and relax from the work aspect of the business whilst also trying to expand the amount of our products.” Aidan describes. The store has currently done business with various major affiliates including MCC, providing some of its ponds’ fishes and aquatic plant life.

The Future:

There is no doubt that the prospects of The Parky Fish Store are exponentially growing. With the ever-increasing awareness and popularity of the company, it might just be able to make it. But, who knows? Business is an unpredictable field and patterns can be turned topsy-turvy out of nowhere. We can only hope for the best!

Website: https://parkyfishstore.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Parky-Fish-Store-107852600955442/
E-mail: parkyfish.store@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parky_fish_store/