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Poem: A Good Day

Posted by M.F. | Found in: Secondary

I woke up happy to Narla’s grin,

her soft paws jumping on my skin.

I said, “Good morning, girl; time to go!”

She lay on me, saying, “How about no show?”


Oh, can’t do that, my little one,

I’d get in trouble and then we’d both be done!”

So, I jump off my bed looking for my shirt,

“Hey, Narla, what’ve you done; look at this dirt!”


I get ready – brekkie, books and all,

hold on – I forgot something; Houston, we have a flaw!

My water bottle, YES!

the previous one broke and made a mess.

This one looks good, it’s brand new;

I’m telling you now, I’ve had a few.

Ready, steady, go –

I shoot through the door.


I am at school, in front of Seminar 02,

I reach for my bottle – BOOOOO!

It slid like a slimy fish along my hand,

Seriously – I am thinking – some brand!

Shattered to pieces, it lies on the ground,

and there I stand, like spellbound:

TWO water bottles in FOUR days!!!

It feels like I am in some kind of maze,

twilight zone or virtual reality…

Whatever it is, it’s freaking insanity!


So, one minute I’m having a great day,

the next – keeping my anger at bay.

Never mind, though, I hear myself say,

that’s how it works – it’s life’s way.

One minute up, the next down,

one minute smile, the other – frown.

Accepting both good and bad,

will make us less sad and mad.

Knowing easy and hard go hand in hand,

will help us any problem to mend.

Light and dark, day and night –

All in life is God’s wish and His might!

“That’s right”, I smile and walk away,

surely, there will still be many a good day.