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Poem: Happy in My Skin

Posted by N.T | Found in: Secondary

I am quiet and by some, perhaps cool

Although I don’t need to rule

the space or time,

To prove to some

that I am more than just a mime.


I prefer to watch

what happens around,

Rarely floating

too many a notch

above the ground.


Keeping a low key or laying low,

reduces the risk of an ego blow.


Besides, I don’t care much about what others say, as

I am always happy to do things my own way,

Why attract attention – I say - for no proper gain,

Reading in between lines is anyway for the likes of me - the ‘unvain’.


I am not for theatrics, clowning or centre stage,

Don’t push me thus, don’t provoke my rage.

You just go ahead and take all the lime light,

I am happy to stay in the background, choosing my own fight.


You see, I have more important things on my mind:

I need to know who’s the one that’s blind –

Is it me who’s always thought with my own head,

Or is it you – happy to put every discord to bed?


Mainstream or margins, who calls the shots?

Who decides on dos and do-nots?


It’s like the story of the poisoned well,

Except that I’m not drinking,

Why join the mad villagers’ hell?


So, you see, I am quite happy in my skin,

as I really don’t have your urge to win.

My urge is to be happy within

You’ll understand, I am sure, if you are akin.