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Poem: Space

Posted by Ashton Mclernon-Smith | Found in: Secondary

Space is an unknown, unfeeling thing,

Full of magic, mystery and desire,

You will never go, because you will never know,

But many a heart ’t will inspire,


Wonders are held, but will never tell,

of the secrets that deep space holds,

It envelops, develops, unvelops, revelops

All that the eye beholds.


Intelligent life may be lurking around,

in our wonderful deep blue plain;

They could be hostile, they could have no style,

But there would be much to gain.


Dangers abide in the mysterious blue,

of hazard caution and fear,

Be sure to tuck tight, and turn out the light,

because death may be creeping near.


So, now you know of the knowledge of space,

Its blackholes, planets and nova,

The astounding, ever-bounding, dumbfounding, rebounding,

wonders of space all over.