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Poem: The End of the World

Posted by Mackenzie Hugh | Found in: Secondary

Our fears completed, our dreams defeated -

We forgot to balance dark and light,

And in one foul swoop to make it right

We lost our way completely, being what we thought we should be.


Our nightmares aren’t only there when we close our eyes at night,

Now we see them during the light,

From broken tales to heartfelt betrayals,

Our screams filled with pain drowning in self-blame

With life unfair and children rare,

Like birds in a cage, trapped in our rage.


It came as a risk, to think there was more than this,

This broken world that had been so much before,

Our solution - a soulless contribution to pollution -

And now, a doomsday. Did we need to pay for our decay?


With sparkling lights and dazzling heights, the once kingdoms have fallen.

Crumbs and dust, just like us, we used to have it all.

Now broken, we see, we should never be carefree,

But the proof is before our eyes, this ending never lies,

Our hope was our demise.


So, we discover that we aren’t forever,

And this destruction we inflicted, to be eternally depicted,

A failed attempt to do what was right, but

We made the darkness cry when we killed what was left of its light.