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Poem: Time

Posted by Mitchell Casserly-Ellis | Found in: Secondary

What is time?

I’m so glad you asked;

Time is the events that encompass

the future, present and past.


Time is a wheel that never stops,

It can be read by watches and clocks;

Anything will happen, given enough time

But once it occurs, there’s no way to rewind.


Without time nothing would move through space,

You’d be eternally locked in a singular place;

Without time, nothing would live or breathe,

Iron wouldn’t rust, and water wouldn’t freeze.


Kings wouldn’t die, and birds wouldn’t fly,

Paper would crease, and worlds wouldn’t cease;

But with time, things will age and die

Cells will decay, and your mind will run by.


Birth and death, again and again,

Your loved ones will zip by, including your friends;

Some may wonder, with all the mistakes and risk,

That there’s even a purpose at all to exist!


To avoid this fate, man went on a quest

to achieve immortality, to live longer than the rest,

But man failed his quest, eternal life is unfound,

It seems death and decay are forever inbound.


But hey, cheer up, we still have the now,

Don’t be a slave to time, don’t give up and bow down,

As bad as it seems, time is a gift,

Without time we’d be frozen, lost in the rift.


Time is an enemy, yet a friend to all man

Regardless of this, enjoy your time while you can.