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Salt + Plants = ?

Posted by Brendan Elliot | Found in: Secondary

Salt + Plants = ?, that is the question that was posed to the Yr 7 Science classes.

The experiment is about soil salinity. 

It was our job as students to conduct an experiment to find out if salt added to a wheat plant is beneficial for its growth. Three wheat plants, each watered with a different amount of salt concentration, normal tap water, 10g/L of salt concentration, 20g/L concentration. Each plant is measured daily, over the time of course of thirteen days.

Last year's Yr 7’s used Barley. Surprisingly, the result was that the Tap water Barley and 10g/L concentration Barley, after 2 weeks grew to a similar in height.

The benefits of such experiments is that we can see whether or not wheat plants grow better with increased salt. If true, we can test it on other plants to improve growth. If salt stunts growth we can avoid applying any salt concentration to other certain plants.

Given our college has our own area for growing edible food the use of salt should be considered when growing certain plants to generate an increased yield.

Having Miss Ros as a teacher is amazing. Every lesson isn’t boring and always seems to be fun. You are having fun, while learning so much?! She has a unique style of teaching  which makes the class stand out.