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Student Digital Newspaper 98.5 Sonshine FM Studio Tour

Posted by Digital Newspaper Student | Found in: Secondary

Keeping very quiet in the recording studios at 98.5FM for the Digital Newspaper Team during a live recording was just one of the many great experiences during the excursion.

When we got onto the bus we were all so happy to be going out for the day and having fun (not-missing out on school work of course). Once we got off of the bus it was only a short 2-minute walk to reach the studios. Once we were inside the studio we were introduced to the instructor Ash and we commenced the tour.

We moved past the behind the scenes, where the research department were busy. There were many volunteers who assisted in the process.

It was exciting to meet afternoon drive hosts Mel and Jeziel.

Morro from the mornings show with Kirste and Morro was also moving about. He was hilarious because was going around the place on a scooter. Morro was generous giving out copies of his albums to some very thankful students.

After that everyone crammed in to a studio when they were live on air and on Facebook for the late morning show where host Mel interviewed David Snell. Being as quiet as a mouse, everyone was exceptionally trying not to move.

The next part and formal part of the tour finished the students had great conversations asking lots of questions to hosts Mel and Jeziel. Once Mr Pethick told us we had to go, a group photograph was taken and said our goodbyes.

On the bus ride home, many people were asleep, and Mr Pethick was being cheeky taking photographs, which meant many people had some good laugh. Listening to the Morro’s albums added to the events nostalgia.

All in all, we had an amazing time returning with fresh breaths thanks to the complimentary Mentos lollies.

We even recieved a shout out on Instagram by 98.5 FM