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Teacher Outfits

Found in: Secondary


Students commenting on a teacher's ability to educate is probably the least of their problems as the fashionistas have arrived.

Let's keep reading to see if their solicitous assessments are kind or just plain mean. 

Hang on! Is that one of our own teachers in that thumbnail? Keep reading to find out.

Mr Hewson dressed normally today rocking an average blue jumper and what looked like a school shirt with a school tie. We couldn't tell if he was a school student or a teacher. (7/10)

Miss Ros, rocking a new blue hairstyle, almost matching her car (no judging here it looks amazing we love it). She wears today a striped jumper with nice matching black jeans. Very cas we liked it a lot (8.4/10)

Mrs Mills today looks absolutely flawless in a red floral dress, maybe for Indonesian day. Her hair looked absolutely great. (9/10)

Mr Meyer wore a no jacket suit today (we had no idea how he did it, too cold for us) and wore a nice crisp white shirt and polka dot tie? (we didn't dare get close enough to check) Kind of looked like a school kid as well. Could've been included by a hoodie (7/10)

Mr Lee was absolutely killing his outfit today dressing in a wonderful pink shirt and tie (maybe he put reds and whites together it did look that colour) but we are guessing it was for Indonesian day as well. Very cas but also really formal. (8.3/10)

Mr Elsing wore his signature suit but with a red and white tie. Very sheen we did like this outfit. (8/10)

Mrs Edwards wore a nice red coat which we also assume is for Indonesian day as well, she also wore blue jeans. (7/10)

Mrs Measham looked amazing business clothes an amazing black dress and a wonderful formal grey business attire with stunning black stockings (9.2/10)

Written by Amber B

According to the study Teachers' Perceptions of the Effect of Their Attire on Middle-School Students' Behavior and Learning by Elizabeth Clemons Sampson from Walden University from 2016 believes that outfits of teachers are of importance. Some of those reasons include; believability, knowledgeability, respect, credibility and more. See attachment for the full article to find out more.

So still trying to guess who was in the thumbnail. I'll give you one more image below to help.