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Year 10 Dance

Posted by Natasja J. | Found in: Secondary

It was the night of nights! A night where the year 10s looked so fresh just like they jumped out of Ocean’s Eleven, well except for some who we won’t name.

The teachers also scruffed up well, especially Ms Lagator, coming in with that remarkable pink ensemble. Everyone came in looking their best and it was amazing to see that people put in the effort to dress up. Thankfully, no girls rocked up in the same outfit - that would have been chaotic. The night started off with small talk and awkward sipping of soft drinks. The 8 course Mexican which consisted of quesadillas, churros and many other tapas, were being passed around while absolute bops were being pumped out from Luca our DJ for the night. Many of us were happy just to bop around in our groups, though some of the girls went to the stage to bust out their favourite moves - the sprinkler was a crowd favourite. Passionate dancing continued, and slowly, the once separated groups were merging together.

Leah, Claire and Amy were not shy with the polaroid cameras and snapped everyone at their sweatiest during the best moments of the night. Luckily, polaroid cameras somehow make anyone look photogenic in every picture. As the music and the off pitch screaming of lyrics went on, the sun soon set and the stars and the moon slowly came out, this was when the real party started. Everyone was vibing with everyone and finally there were no separated groups anymore. The songs that seemed to really bring us together were YMCA and the Macarena, both being childhood classics.  We were all in sync with our dance especially YMCA. Not to toot our own horn but we could have mistaken us for synchronised swimmers. But with every high school dance, there was of course, a slow song. It was suggested by one of the students since they wanted to ask a special someone to dance with them, much to the disapproval of the DJ.

Despite the cooties, we all just took it as a good laugh and had some good old spicy slow dancing with our friends. The night was slowly ending, yet a dance circle was beginning to form. People busted out their moves, most notably Lachy, who is an absolute dance machine. Luca then played a See You Again remix which is the song he uses to end all of his gigs, bringing a tear to everyone’s eyes. The dance soon came to a close, though all in all it was one of the best nights of this year.

I would like to say a massive thankyou to Claire and Leah for making this happen and for using their own time to create this event. Also a big thanks to everyone who came including the swaggity swag teachers.

Peace out dancers!