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Year 12 Charity Ball

Posted by Amber B. | Found in: Secondary

Dancing, singing, wonderful food and views, and Mr. McNeil and Mr. Elsing on the dance floor - oh what a night to remember!

The night of the school ball started at 4:00 pm on February 15 at the Malmalling Winery. Parents and students arrived to admire how good everyone looked, taking a bazillion photos. Soon after taking photos, we all headed down to the Crystal Swan Charters in Elizabeth Quay for boarding.

This is where the night really started. Unlike the previous years, the class of 2020 had absolutely no problem getting on the dance floor as soon as possible. Special mention to Abigail C. and Connor C., for busting out some dance moves in the first half-hour of the night starting, some of which I wish I could erase from my memory.

Next of course came the excellent buffet meal, full of roast lamb, roast beef, melt in your mouth potatoes and soft pumpkin with sides of brilliant green salads, all of which were finished unsurprisingly quickly.

Only waiting for a whole minute, half the Year 12’s descended back on the dance floor to sing and dance their hearts out, new special mentions are, of course, Jaymon R., with his famous ‘emu’ dance, and Ewan V. with his surprisingly good dance moves. Another special mention to all the boys who participated in the dance to Eagle Rock, as this is a school article I cannot mention what they did but let’s just say it was very daring...

Halfway through the night, of course, came the famous slow dance where couples came together. However, none of them had the absolute beauty and technique of Connor B. and Noah E.’s waltz, sorry to all the other pairs; there was certainly no way you could have competed with them.

Though not many teachers made their way onto the dance floor, Mr McNeil made up for it by dancing to “Call Me Maybe” in a way that strangely worked.

The night ended with speeches from the three musketeers themselves, Mr. McNeil, Mr. Bolt, and Mr. Elsing, celebrating all of us and how terrible we’ve been to them (just kidding), and how they hoped we do well this coming year. The boat docked and the night came to end.

Well, that’s what we told the teachers anyways…

It was truly a night to remember, the nicest we will ever look as a year group, and already we’re closer than ever. Thank you to everyone involved in organising it, special thanks to Mr Pethick, who took stunning professional photos. Thank you to all the Year 12’s who truly made it great with all our terrible dancing and singing. I hope you remember that night for the rest of your life.