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Year 12 Reflections

Posted by Jacinta B | Found in: Secondary

As I graduate from year 12, I look back on my time spent in the school and I remember the amazing memories.

From the long chats with many teachers to the bonding moments at carnivals and field trips. Year 12 has been a year where we have become closer and made a support system for one another.

The food brought in by Mrs. Green and Mrs. Ellery, was greatly appreciated. The excursions with Mrs. Wayner, was filled with laughter and ejoyable time at Dome.

The stress and limited time in the year, have pushed us to our limits. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that you have nearly finished the year despite the setbacks and the weight placed by upcoming exams. I want to thank all of our teachers and staff who have dealt with our stress.

I will forever cherish the relationships and the memories that have been made this year, with students and teachers alike. Year 12 is a short time that pushes people together and therefore should be cherished by those who experience it.

We were reminded at assembly that we are the last of our kind - a small cohort.