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Year 8 Camp 2019

Posted by Haden S. and Kiara D. | Found in: Secondary

There were many great activities on the camp, and several moments that stood out from the rest.

With most of the students from our year 8 class coming along on the camp, it made for a great time for everyone. The food that was served for us was cooked deliciously, and the cooks worked extremely hard to feed us.

One of the first activities we did was the confidence course, which meant we had to partner up, one of us were blind folded, the other had to guide the blind folded person around a course in the bush, this lead to many untrustworthy people making their partners fall over or crash into trees. We also did another course where we had to take a giant pipe around an obstacle course and not let it touch the ground, half of my group nearly got lost because we missed the turn. It provided a great opportunity to move through obstacles in the wonderful bushland.

Many people got lost in the trail, but with some expertise eyesight, some people noticed previous obstacles, so they made it back to the teachers. The trails we followed were surrounded by the amazing bush that really emphasised the incredible vegetation of Australia. Some of the obstacles challenged our abilities and tested our limits, but we all had fun crawling through and climbing over the muddy environments.

On the second day we had four activities; high ropes course, flying fox, tunnelling and geocaching. It wasn’t the best day for activities because it was raining on and off during the whole day, nevertheless we still had fun. Because of the rain some of the tunnels were flooded and we didn’t know so halfway through we had to walk through foot deep water in long pants and shoes.

This prevented many people from continuing, but others got wet and had lots of fun doing it. An unique experience being confined to a small crawl space, and even though some people didn’t try the course, many people who did completed the advanced tunnels. The tunnels were also a great time to show our agility and manoeuvrability to help us get through. Many students were brave, and crawled through tunnels that weren’t that much wider than them!

Another activity was the flying fox, which allowed students to see the magnificent bush from a height and touch the trees. Some students claimed they even saw the ocean! The flying fox was another activity some students avoided, but when they saw others having a go, it persuaded them to try, and they enjoyed it. There were small challenge that you could accomplish while trying the flying fox, like Tarzan, where students would run diagonally off the platform to swing and touch a large tree on the left.

Retreating to the food hall after a full day of activities, people could be seen playing card games and talking with each other before the well required meals. It was probably one of the best moments on camp, just unwinding and playing Uno with friends. 

Over all, the year 8 camp was quite an adventure and very fun. It let some students connect more with their peers, and allowed new students to get to know the teachers and make more friends.

I would like to thank all the teachers who helped to organise this exciting camp, it was a time that comradery and friendship was built.