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Year 8s in the Boshak Outback

Found in: Secondary

'Glamping' in the beautiful bushland of Boshak Outback Camp near Toodyay is a highlight for Year 8s and this year was no different.

We started on a one-and-a-half-hour trip to Boshack on June 27, which mainly consisted of the girls in the back of the bus singing songs. 

When we finally arrived to Boshack we unpacked all of stuff into our tents, which were set up with mattresses already and were really big and very, very cold at night.

The first activity we enjoyed was called "Dreamtime", where we were told Aboriginal stories and played games. We also made shelters from logs and branches and then pretended to auction them off to each other.

The next activity was canoeing - in the rain - and needless to say the water was freezing. Then at dinner Derrick, the owner of Boshack, came and talked to us. The theme of our camp was respect.

After dinner we played a twisted game of spotlight, where you had to get glowsticks without being caught by the teachers.

The next morning everyone woke up with freezing hands and toes. We got to hear about some of the kids in tents who do had to push-ups in the middle of the night because they were talking. Someone even had to stand in the freezing cold lake because they were talking way to much!

We had a breakfast of cereal and pancakes, then got ready for our first activity which was orienteering.

Farming was next in the list and we had to try round up sheep into a pen but we gave up half way through and went for a muddy walk instead.

The last activity we did was canoeing which was great apart from the fact that Khalil and I flipped the canoe!  After dinner and showers we started a quiz night but, little did we know, the teachers were dressed up to play a game of teachers-chase-students while we tried to collect items from the property.

On Friday morning everyone woke up, especially Mr Rosolin because the boys jumped on him to wake him up. We had breakfast then cleaned out our tents and packed our bags.

It was basically a chill out day where we got to soak in the last couple of hours we had in Boshack before we left. On the way home we sang songs that were on the radio and ate the remaining food we brought.

We would like to thank all the teachers who came on camp with us and made it as fun as possible and all the year 8’s who made it an enjoyable time to remember.

Written by Sienna T, edited by Mrs. Chodakowsky, photographs by various year 8 students and video by Mr. Pethick

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