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As we move towards a more globalized community, learning another language is considered an integral part of every child’s education at Mundaring Christian College. The ability to communicate in a variety of modes, in more than one language is essential. Indonesian is taught from Years 1 to 10 not only to develop an appreciation of the culture of our neighbour but to become good communicators in their second language. The emphasis is on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Sister Schools Program

Since 2012, Mundaring Christian College has two sister schools; Kairos Garcia International School in Jakarta and Elyons International School in Surabaya. Students from both schools visit Mundaring Christian College every two years and in the alternate year our students visit both schools in Indonesia.

Strong friendship and international affiliation have been developed since the program started. It encourages students to use their language learnt in a real life situation. In addition to the International School exchanges, we celebrate languages through an Indonesian Independence Day celebration, SCEAVision and Language Perfect World Championship competition.

Indonesian Independence Day celebration

This is a week-long celebration every year. Students organize and run a variety of Indonesian food stalls, cracker eating competition as well as bakiak (clog) race and dress in red and white for a gold coin donation to support orang utans and the Sumatran tigers at Perth Zoo.


The annual SCEAVision performing arts contest is a competition between all the SCEA schools and gives students the opportunity to present, sing and/or perform in the language, other than English, that they are studying. Aside from being enormous fun, the competition has a profound effect on the self-esteem and social acceptance of participants with students enjoying the discovery of a new language and culture.


The college is known for its exceptional arts offering and art facilities, providing potential for students to participate in the core shared values of; pursuit of knowledge, self-acceptance and respect, respect for others, social and civic responsibility and environmental responsibility. Art is one of the most important ways people tell us how they view the world. Our desire is to help students to uncover their drive for creativity and an appetite for discovery and a passion for the process itself. Students have opportunity to sample, develop and refine a range of media and techniques starting in the early years in the completion of projects.  These link to classroom themes and cross curricular disciplines which run through primary and secondary settings. Learning becomes connected and relevant through this process. 

Our arts teachers ensure learning in art is relevant, builds confidence, nurtures, encourages risk taking and helps to build a student’s imagination (seeing things in a new way) and innovation (putting new ideas into practice) processing.  


A love of music is encouraged at Mundaring Christian College with every year group from Kindy exploring a full range of musical genres and instruments during classroom music. Students have the opportunity to participate in a combined schools band workshop, Primary and Secondary Choir Festivals, music ensembles and a variety of performances.

Mundaring Christian College also offers a Music Tuition Program in the following instruments: Piano, Drums/Percussion, Guitar, Violin, and Saxophone. Please see links below for further information and registrations packs. 

Music Tuition Program Registration Letter

Music Tuition Program Registration Form

Music Tuition Program Terms & Conditions

Physical Education MCC-Mustangs-Logo.jpg

The extensive grounds at both the Primary and Secondary campus provide the ideal backdrop for the College's sports offering.

Mundaring Christian College has developed a Specialist Basketball program and is launching a Basketball Academy.  Our College Basketball Team, MCC Mustangs currently field 24 teams in two domestic competitions.  We have close to 40 students playing in the State Championships.  The College Basketball program offers an excellent pathways program from domestic to state level to national level competition.

The Physical Education program encourages the development of physical, mental and social skills by introducing the student to a wide range of basic motor skills, physical and sporting activities. From Kindergarten onwards, students experience a broad range of sports ranging from soccer to AFL, netball to hockey and badminton to cricket. Each lesson has a fitness component, a skills component and a games component and the sporting opportunities enable students to not only develop various specific physical skills, but also their sportsmanship and Christian character as they learn both how to win and how to lose.

Mundaring Christian College offers a wide range of extra-curricular sport during the term. Students across both the Primary and Secondary years can join before and after school programs including Basketball, Futsal, Soccer, Hockey, Cross Country/Athletics and Mixed Games. Students who attend before school sports programs receive a free and healthy breakfast following their activity, while students who attend the after school sports program receive a healthy snack following their activity. Most programs are offered free of charge, however, places can be limited due to popularity. 

River and Bush Rangers

Year 6 students participate in the River Rangers Cadet program. River Rangers is a primary school cadet program which seeks to engage and educate the next generation of children to help protect our local rivers. It empowers students to make a positive change to our local communities and waterways and allows students to actively investigate local issues and design, evaluate and share the results of their projects with other schools and the wider community.

Conservation projects undertaken our River Rangers include tree planting, litter pick-ups, bird and bat box building, biodiversity surveys, water quality testing and building native gardens. Year 7 to Year 10 students engage in the Bush Ranger Cadets, an environmental outdoor education program where students undertake personal development training while developing their conservation skills and knowledge through involvement in practical nature conservation projects. The aspects of the program work together to develop a strong sense of responsibility, character and purpose in our students.