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Excellence in Learning

Leading learning in the hills

With a focus on excellence in teaching and learning, our desire is to create a culture of highly engaged, purposeful learning where education is enjoyable and where students develop a thirst and the skills for life-long learning.   

Our distinctly Christian education invites young people to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth. The curriculum is taught from an age appropriate, non-denominational Christian worldview.

From Kindergarten to Year 12,  our experienced and accomplished teachers coordinate explicit instruction with inquiry based learning and relevant real life tasks, to enable students to develop foundational knowledge and skills.

While we welcome students to join across our year levels, our transition programs are structured around our typical entry points of Early Learning (Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten or Pre-Primary), Primary School in Years 5 or 6, and Secondary School in Years 7 or 10. In addition to the support received through our Pastoral Care Programmes, students are supported through their important transitions from Early Learning to formal Primary School, and Primary to Secondary.

In delivering the mandated Western Australian Curriculum, our course programs are challenging and seek to cultivate resilience and a sense of adventure in students. Every student is encouraged to engage with learning in ways suited to their individual needs and the supportive learning environment aims to facilitate learning success for everyone. Alongside a rigorous programme delivering core curriculum, specialist programmes in design, hospitality, music and art contribute to a rich learning environment for students.

Gifted and talented students are catered for throughout the curriculum, where every student is stretched to achieve to their highest level and reach their potential. 

A balanced use of technology supports students' learning, enhancing their information and communication technology skills and their awareness of the ethical responsibilities that go with digital citizenship. 

Teaching, learning and the educational experiences of students are intentionally planned and followed to support students’ continued learning and development as young men and women of character throughout their school years. This takes place in a rich curriculum, enhanced by the peaceful bush settings of the college.