MCC’s heart for students supported by volunteers

Written by Antoinette Wilson (From Mrs Wilsons Desk)

School is never just about academic development or achievement; it’s about the whole child. Although planning for academic progress plays a large part in what we do, we also want our students to feel they are supported and coach them to become valued and confident community members. No matter how old they are, children need to know that their voice is important enough to be heard and that their wellbeing has been taken into account. 

To support the work all our staff do in this space, along with the more specialised work the pastoral team (Mrs Donoghoe, Mrs Du Preez and Mr B) focusses on, we will now also have a team from Scripture Union joining us. We are happy to announce that we have organised with Scripture Union for a team of volunteers to visit the Primary Campus once a week to interact and play with students during their lunch break. Our hope is that this will provide a more informal means of support for students.

The students were introduced to the volunteers at the Tuesday morning assembly. Mr B will be their team leader and will work closely with Scripture Union’s liaison officer, Mel. We welcome the team with much appreciation as they will be giving of their own time to provide this opportunity for us.

The team members are:

  • Doug Cornish
  • Rowan du Boulay
  • Dylan Twiss

The team will be working at the Primary Campus on Tuesdays during lunchtimes, to organise and participate in group games with students. We believe that through their involvement we might be able to provide better support for those who need special encouragement and a listening ear.